The Ultimate Solution to Bulging Bins

Protein, poultry, and seafood production companies have been subject to the widespread volatility that has troubled the shipping industry over the past few years. With sky-high prices and delays in the recent past, as well as uncertainty abounding in the present and the near future, companies are trying to keep the cost of shipping low. One way is by making every inch of cargo space count, especially when it comes to perishable cargo like protein products.

However, traditional shipping materials make saving money more difficult than it would seem, causing extra expenses at every step of the supply chain. Bulging bins and boxes take up more space in the truck, raising the cost of transportation. Also, bulging bins take up additional space in racking systems, which decreases the amount of product that can be stored and can lead to the need to install additional racks. Many existing boxes have needlessly complicated designs that require multiple people to assemble them, taking more time and adding to the cost of labor.

They may require extra straps or “belly bands” which add to the complexity of the container and only provide strength to certain areas on the box. This can cause the box to warp or even tip over during transport.

Worst of all, the strain on these bulging containers can cause them to bust at the seams and expose the product itself to water leakage, damage, or spoiling. All of these factors can add up to headaches, unnecessary expenses, lost products, and customers that are unhappy or worse, exposed to foodborne illnesses.

Don’t let the hassles of using outdated shipping materials cost your company time, money, or customers. ProBin, a cutting-edge protein packaging company with over 100 years of experience in the industry, has created the ultimate solution for your shipping needs.

The Ultimate Solution

ProBin’s Ultimate Bulk Bin is the only bulk bin of its kind in the protein market, an innovative premier product at an affordable price. Carefully designed with the issues and challenges of protein and goods shipping in mind, the bin itself is constructed of the perfect density corrugated board to be both durable and lightweight.

What makes the Ultimate Bulk Bin truly special is our one-of-a-kind sleeve, which provides strength and uniform coverage across the bin.

These are just a few of the ways the Ultimate Bulk Bin can meet your shipping needs, and how it outperforms other shipping materials:

Total Coverage

The seamless poly-woven sleeve isn’t just stronger than antiquated straps or “belly bands;” it’s strong all the way around and at every height rather than at specific points. This prevents the bulging and stretching that happens to old-fashioned boxes and bins. This makes ProBin’s containers take up less space, reducing the cost of shipping.

No Weak Spots

The bin is designed with reinforced corners, and the sleeve is seamless, eliminating common points of failure in old-fashioned boxes. The sleeve provides extra strength along the bottom third of the bin, where it’s needed most, something which is virtually unachievable for outdated straps. This prevents the bins from busting open, which saves you the cost of lost products.

Protection from Water

The poly-woven sleeve is water resistant, even without wax. This doesn’t just protect the bin itself from water damage; it prevents moisture from entering the bin, reducing the opportunity for foodborne illnesses to contaminate the product. Making sure your protein, seafood, or poultry arrives intact prevents loss of product, and more importantly, keeps customers from potentially getting sick.

Easy to Assemble

The Ultimate Bulk Bins are shipped flat, but are easy to assemble upon arrival. Preparing the box for filling and transport can be done by one person, saving you time and the cost of labor. Easy-to-follow instructions on the flaps ensure that the bin is assembled properly for maximum product protection. Check out our video here to see what we mean.  

Save Money Every Step of the Way

Together, the box and sleeve make the Ultimate Bulk Bin superior to any other protein shipping product on the market, designed to save you time and money throughout the supply chain. It’s stronger than traditional boxes or bins, lighter, more space efficient, easier to assemble, and uses less packaging per pound.

On top of everything, it’s made of 100% recyclable material, improving your company’s sustainability without any extra effort on your part. It’s a premium product, all without the premium price tag.

Contact us today to learn more about how ProBin’s Ultimate Bulk Bin can help solve your shipping needs.