The Ultimate Bulk Bin

ProBin is the only premiere, affordable bulk bin in the protein market.

The carefully engineered combination of a durable poly-woven outer sleeve around the perfect density board container provides superior performance than traditional box containers with antiquated straps.

ProBin is always pushing for new material innovations and applications. Our products have virtually eliminated foreign material contamination by eliminating the need for “belly bands”.

ProBin closed box

Ergonomics/ Recyclability

The Sleeve Makes The Difference!



The sleeve tucks under the bottom score providing more strength than traditional straps


Strength Where You Need It

The tucking feature provides strength along the bottom 1/3 of the container.



The sleeve provides uniform coverage and support over the entire bin, preventing tipping during transit.



Providing more protection even in spray-down areas.


No More Bulging

The poly-woven sleeve eliminates disastrous bulging and bursting, saving you time and money throughout the supply chain

Your Partners Will Thank You!

The ProBin virtually eliminates the risk of your container bulging and bursting. ProBin is the ultimate insurance policy, without the premiums.