Top 6 Ways to Reduce Food Waste in Transport

In the packaging industry, we’re concerned about what our consumers are worried about: food waste. Food waste extends so far from simply being a part of the “clean plate club.” It includes how and when we ship products, where our product is going, and what metrics we’re monitoring. 

We love seeing our customers thrive, so we’ve compiled all the ways you can help your food waste go down and your bottom line go up.

1. Investigate the Causes

Figuring out where the food waste is happening is the most critical step of this entire process. It may take some trial and error to see what solution fits best. 

Is your food waste the result of issues in processing? What about transport? You might be surprised to find out that sub-par packaging can be a huge problem contributing to waste. Do a bit of investigation and check it out!

2. Consider Smart Cold Chain Transport

Smart cold chain transport tracks the temperature of your goods over the course of shipping. These high-tech advancements can even track if food waste is on the horizon by checking if it has been exposed to temperatures outside the recommended zone, if gases are being emitted, and if pathogens are present. 

3. Ensure Proper Handling Practices of Our Boxes

Proper handling techniques can range from time allowed for a product to sit out to simply washing hands. It never hurts to gently remind all employees, no matter how long they’ve been in the packaging game!

When our Ultimate Bin is ready to leave your facility, it should be placed on a good quality pallet, stretch wrapped to the pallet, and triple-checked that it is indeed centered. Of course, if the bin tips over, that’s food waste. 

4. Increase Decision Points

Decision points are spots along the timeline where the product will be reviewed. If smart cold chain products or simple temperature monitoring techniques are being used, this is where data will be assessed. Given the severity of the situation, if the product does not meet food safety standards, one or all bins may have to be discarded.

5. Review Travel Times and Locations

Proper planning for the travel time of your product delivery is crucial. Thankfully, once the Ultimate Bin is properly packed and affixed to the pallet it can travel across the country.  The sleeve ensures that the bin is safe from breaking open and spilling contents in the trailer.

As for our travel time to you, the bins are shipped flat and stretch wrapped to ensure they arrive at your facility in excellent condition. We are based in Alabama, but our bins are shipped to California, the Northeast, Florida, and everywhere in between!

6. Consider Better Food Packaging 

Better food packaging supports all branches of food shipping and the prevention of food waste. The Ultimate Bulk Bin can make the daily routine of production staff, truckers, sanitation staff, and even you much easier. Check it out here!

All that said, being a part of the clean plate club never hurts, though.

We want to see you achieve your goals at your bottom line. Give our friendly staff a call at 256-507-9879. We’d love to hear from you!