Recycling: A Break Down on Our Boxes

If you follow our LinkedIn, you know that our boxes are recyclable—we really like that they’re recyclable. November 15 is America Recycles Day, so we thought we would give you a run down on how to recycle our Ultimate Bin and why it’s so important to recycle them!

How to Recycle the Ultimate Bin

  1. Clear the bin of all content and products.
  2. Unfold the bottom flaps of the bin and lay it flat.
  3. Using scissors or a knife, cut the blue sleeve off the bin.
  4. Recycle the sleeve with other #5 products.
  5. The bin can be recycled with other corrugated containers (also known as the ever-famous “cardboard”).

It’s really just that easy! Through thoughtful engineering, we ensured that the assembly and disassembly of our Ultimate Bin are customer-centric. Product transport has so many moving parts and so many things to worry about. A great green scorecard score shouldn’t be a daunting task or something that feels unachievable. We’re here to enable you in every way we can.

But, why recycle?

Since the 1960s, America has tracked solid waste disposal from bulk shipping containers. In the 60s, we were averaging just over 27 million tons of solid waste. But now, we are upwards of 80 million tons. This huge jump has led some packaging producers to say, “How can we make this better?”

The easiest target for recycling is corrugated containers. They recycle easily, can even break down into compost, and are absolutely everywhere. You have more than likely touched corrugated “cardboard” within just the last two days! On top of all of this, corrugated packaging can be recycled approximately 5 to 7 times before it breaks down entirely.

There has been a copious amount of education in the U.S. on how to recycle “cardboard,” which is why it’s recycled more than other types of packing in the country. This is fantastic because paper mills and corrugated packaging manufacturers actually do use this material. To boot, corrugated packaging produces revenue for the end-user. It’s essentially a win-win-win!

Will these recycling efforts even matter?

In 2018, 96 percent of corrugated material was successfully recycled in the U.S. Think about that—only 4% made its way to a landfill and stayed there. Recovery efforts were largely helpful in order to achieve a such high rate of recycling. In fact, every “cardboard” box contained approximately 50% of re-used material that year.  

Putting thoughtful engineering into products to make them more easily recyclable is a large step in making the bulk packaging industry more sustainable. Sure, we’ve got a long way to go, but why not start here? 

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