Why Our Customers Love Us

I have operated a poultry packaging business for over 25 years and have been more impressed with Pro Bin Global than any company we have worked with in a long time. There are many reasons we enjoy working with this fine company but here are the three things that stand out:

1. Commitment to Quality - Pro Bin not only provides a consistent high level of quality but they are constantly looking at ways to improve their product and processes. They are not satisfied to just make a quality bulk bin. They want to make the best one on the market.

2. Pricing - Because Pro Bin only produces bins they are able to focus on constantly improving their efficiencies and keeping their costs down and thus providing the best pricing to their customers.

3. People - This is the area that sets Pro Bin Global apart from anyone else in the industry. They are hard working people who treat their customers as friends and are always willing to do whatever it takes to meet our needs. They operate with honesty and integrity and realize that at the end of the day it's the people who you work with and for that make the difference in any operation.

ProBin has been everything that we expected, and more. Their sleeved bins perform under extreme conditions, and our customer satisfaction is extremely high with this product. The quality of their bins is only surpassed by their customer service. Accurate inventory, on-time delivery, immediate order confirmation, and multiple other service facets that separate them from many other corrugated suppliers. ProBin Global is a model of efficiency, and I’m glad our company made the transition to them.

From the moment we partnered with ProBin, our concerns about quality and dependability disappeared. We found that not only do we get to work with a great company, but we also work with a fantastic team who is personally invested in the product they produce.