What Do the Pros at ProBin Really Do?

Have you ever considered working in the packaging industry? Maybe you have; maybe you haven’t. Regardless, we wanted to take the legwork out of thinking about this by interviewing some great people who work in the bulk packaging industry—specifically at ProBin!

What does your usual day look like?

Our day usually starts with a team meeting to go over our tasks and goals for the day. After this, we work together as a team to create great bins and nice-looking units to ship out to our customers. 

Sometimes there are customer-specific tasks or special projects to tackle. Our quality checks break up the workday. This is the only place I’ve worked so far that has a hand on each and every piece we put out—which makes me feel really confident in what I’m sending out and creating. 

We rotate our work crews and tasks to keep the day interesting. We end the day by cleaning up our work area and getting prepared for the next day. The days can be long sometimes, but it’s all worth it for that guaranteed 3-day weekend!

What skills should someone in your field have?    

Communication and interpersonal skills are a must. Just remember, with anything different or new, there is an initial learning period that never really stops. We learn continually, because there is ALWAYS something new to learn, and there are always ways to improve! We all work together as a team to make sure the customer is getting exactly what they need.                                                                                                                                                                                              

What advice do you have for someone new to the industry?

Dive in and learn as much as you can. Be willing to start from the bottom and work up. There are two quotes I love:

“The expert in anything was once a beginner.” 

“Expect Nothing. Appreciate Everything.” 

These two sayings sum up our work pretty well. Teamwork is extremely important, as well as taking instruction and accepting constructive criticism when offered, using it to learn, grow, and change as needed. 

We have numerous processes in this field and sometimes those processes change out of necessity, so it is important to be willing to change as needed. That is all part of the growth and learning process. But, most importantly, do everything in your job description to the best of your ability. Never assume anything is “below” you. Work just as hard at your least favorite part of your job as you do at your most favorite part.

Also, take some time to appreciate the role that corrugated packaging plays in our country. We don’t think a lot about how goods are moved from one place to another. It’s cool that a product I make is being used to transport meat, chicken, dry ice, chocolate, and all sorts of things. Learn what you can about the different types of corrugated boards and how it’s made. Take pride in what you do!

What is the work culture like at ProBin?

Excellent! The management team and owners here are great to work for. They have hand-picked their entire team, selecting employees recommended by trusted referrals. They have strived to make ProBin a desirable place to work by offering a work environment and benefits package that is hard to match. To boot, the pay is great, but the perks are even better. 

There is an atmosphere of trust and inclusion. The production floor team is an outstanding group of people, and our plant manager does a great job leading them. 

ProBin has given me opportunities to learn something new and grow in my job, which is right up my alley! There is always something to learn, and a new way to grow your career. The work culture here at ProBin is among the best I have experienced.

What is your favorite part about working at ProBin?

To be honest, the music. I really love that we rotate who plays music throughout the week. Monday might be my turn to control the music, while Tuesday it might be Josh’s turn to control the music. I know that sounds silly, but it just goes to show what kind of an environment we’ve worked to have here. We learn new things about our coworkers through their music—we find commonalities that I never would have known if we just set it to a random radio station every day.

How long do people tend to stay at ProBin?

It varies. We have several that have been here from our beginning, and we have others who have come and gone. The production work isn’t for everyone. However, if you give it your best, you are rewarded and recognized.

What inspires you to do this job?

I like learning new things and striving for excellence. Having the drive to excel in this field is important, as it is in many other jobs, too. My drive is to become an expert in this field, so I can move up the chain here or gain experience under my belt that will enable me to make a career out of this. 

What makes ProBin a great place to work?

The company is employee-focused as well as customer-focused. Of course, happy customers mean great business and secure jobs, but it’s more than that. We’re in the heart of Alabama’s poultry production area. We want to keep our neighbors and friends happy. They’re more than just a random customer that helps pay overhead—they’re farmers and friends that I can drive down to see in less than 15 minutes. 

I also really like that the owners are involved and ask our opinions about how we can improve our production and workflow. I’ve worked in places before where what management said went without question. Here, we have a voice. I love that. Our feedback is appreciated, and it feels good to be appreciated.

Are you looking for a place with opportunity for advancement?

We would love to hear from you. ProBin is looking to hire in the warehouse, in sales, and in the office. No matter what your skills are, we probably have a place for you. Message us here or keep learning about what we do here!