With You Every Step of the Way

There are a lot of steps in the process of food production, and it’s rare for people to think about how each of those steps comes together. For many producers in the protein industry, packaging ends up being an afterthought after all the other considerations on their minds. However, while it might not be the most attention-grabbing part of food production, packaging plays a vital role throughout the entire process.

At ProBin, we know how important it is to have reliable, durable, and cost-effective solutions for processing, storing, and transporting food. We’ve designed our storage bins specifically with the protein industry in mind, to help with every step of the process.

The Step-by-Step of Food Production

From the farm to the dining table, there are several steps in producing quality protein products, and while it may not seem like it at first, packaging plays a crucial part in each.

1. Processing:

Right from the start, the meticulous processing of meat products demands precision. Without adequate packaging, the risk of contamination, spoilage, and nutrient loss increases significantly. Good packaging can ensure that the products retain their integrity from the farm to the processing facility.

2. Packing:

To get the food ready for distribution, efficiency is crucial. Older bulk storage bins can bulge and burst when filled, and solutions like belly-bands make assembling and packing them a complicated and time-consuming chore, not to mention taking up more space. Ideally, good bulk packaging is not just durable, but easy-to-use and space-efficient.

3. Transportation:

The journey from one facility to another, or even between different locations in the same processing plant, is a critical phase where packaging becomes the shield against physical damage and external elements. Using cheap, outdated storage bins runs the risk of exposing the product inside to friction, impacts, heat or cold, and moisture leakage. These can lead to bruising, deformation, and possibly even contamination, jeopardizing not just the quality of the food, but the safety as well.

4. Quality Control:

All protein products must undergo quality control before being ready to serve, and for your food to meet the right standards, proper storage is paramount. Inadequate storage can result in accelerated deterioration, compromising the product’s freshness and edibility. On the other hand, storing and transporting food in a quality bin reduces food waste and ensures that consumers receive meat products at their peak quality.

5. Retail:

The value of a high-quality bulk storage bin can carry over long after its job in the processing plant is done, and so can the effects of using lesser storage options. The right storage bin can mean more meat products retain their quality and freshness, which means more sales when that food is ready to package and ship to retailers. On the other hand, if that same food is damaged or spoiled due to improper storage, it means less product to sell, and worse, possibly risking customers’ safety. Given the rising cost of protein across the board, lost sales can really start to add up.

The Ultimate Bulk Bin: Elevating Every Step

The innovative design of ProBin’s Ultimate Bulk Bin improves every stage of food production. Its user-friendly design is simple to assemble and pack, making workers’ jobs that much easier and saving employers on wasted labor. Our carefully engineered sleeve not only protects the bin from moisture and from physical damage, it also prevents bulging and tearing when the bin is full, which makes it more space-efficient for transportation.

Even when the work is done, the Ultimate Bulk Bin delivers. Because it’s crafted from 100% recyclable material, it aligns with the global call for eco-friendly practices, which can make food production more responsible and environmentally sustainable.

Bringing it all together

Given how much goes into food production, it can be easy to overlook bulk storage and packaging, but the right product in the right place can enhance every step of the process. From start to finish, ProBin’s Ultimate Bulk Bin can save time and reduce costs with its easy-to-use design, while its durable construction protects your food as it’s stored and transported.

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