Everything You Need to Know About Our Bins: FAQs Answered

We love hearing from our customers. But…we know how taxing it can be to have to call our office when you’re in search of the simplest information. Thus, we have compiled and answered some of our most frequently asked questions. 


1. What is the “Ultimate Bulk Bin?”

Plain and simple: it’s our signature product. It has an engineered sleeve that makes product shipping easier and less messy.  Our customers have the peace of mind that their bulk bins will not bust open.

2. Is the “Ultimate Bulk Bin” the only thing you sell?

The Ultimate Bulk Bin is not the only product we sell. We have a variety of other products that could very well fit your needs. However, we find ourselves consistently reaching for the Ultimate Bulk Bin because it has a variety of applications. We are sure to tell you if that’s not exactly what you need, though!

3. Why do you promote your bulk bin so much?

Because it works. Our sleeved bins have helped to solve so many shipping issues for our customers. They no longer have to worry about bulging bins or bins that rip open and spill the contents.

4. What can you put in the bin?

Most commonly, we recommend using the Ultimate Bulk Bin for chicken, pork, beef, vegetables, fruit, and dry ice. There are a variety of other applications for these bins beyond this list, though. We’d appreciate the opportunity to discuss your packaging needs to determine whether our bin is a good option for you.

5. How does the sleeve prevent bulging?

The sleeve provides 6,000 pounds of bursting strength to fortify the box and secure your cargo. On top of that, this sleeve won’t rip or tear, so the box isn’t going to slip around and burst outside of the sleeve. Essentially, the sleeve helps the box withstand hydrostatic pressure and shear stress. 

6. Where is the seam on the sleeve?

The sleeve is specially engineered to not have a seam, which is why we can say with confidence that the sleeve won’t rip or tear. There are no weak points on the sleeve!  

7. Does the sleeve already come attached to the bin?

Our production team applies the sleeve so that when the bins arrive to you, the sleeve is already in place. However, you can easily pull it off for recycling after the bin has been used. 

8. Why is the sleeve a better option than belly bands/straps?

The sleeve provides strength all around the bin and every height, while bands only provide reinforcement at specific points. Also, broken straps can create a risk of foreign material contamination.

9. What are your boxes made of?

Well, we can’t give you all the secrets, but we can tell you this: the box is a corrugated container (e.g., a “cardboard box”) and the sleeve is made of a special polypropylene blend. 

10. Why is it important that it’s recyclable?

We give a full breakdown of questions related to this and why recycling is important here. The gist is that bulk packaging can create a lot of waste, and we’re trying our best to help cut that waste down. 

11. How many uses can I get out of a bin?

To comply with industry standards, we recommend that the bin is used only once.


12. Who is allowed to purchase these bins?

Anyone may purchase our bins! We are happy to discuss your packaging needs to determine which bin would be the best option for your product.  Give us a call at 256-507-9879.

13. How do I place an order with ProBin?

Our customers call us or send their orders via email. We like to make it easy!

14. How many can I order at once?

While we typically sell in truckload quantities (approx. 1,500 bins/load depending on item), some of our customers do not have the space to take that many at one time. For those customers we do sell in less than truckload quantities, but the minimum quantity is one unit (50/unit or 75/unit, depending on item). 

15. How quickly can I get bulk bins from ProBin?

We have a quick verification process for new customers, with a turnaround of just a couple of days at the most. For existing customers, orders can be picked up the same day or the freight arrangements can be made for delivery in a few days.

16. How do I get my bins after I order?

The bins will be ready for pick up at our main facility in Cullman, Alabama. We have three loading docks where our warehouse staff will help you load up your order. We also warehouse our bins in Seaford, DE for our customers in the northeast and ship across the country!

17. Does ProBin have a quality control process?

Yes, we have a documented quality process and recurring training for our team. In addition, each bin is inspected by at least one team member to ensure that it meets our quality standards.

18. I purchased bins. Where do I learn how to set them up?

Proper assembly of our Ultimate Bin can be found on our product page. In addition, we will provide you with an in-person demo if you would like. 

19. What if I have an emergency or rush order?

We know things pop up, and we’re here to help. Give our office a call, and we will see what we can do for you.

20. How do I get in contact with ProBin?

We would love to hear from you! Give us a call at 256-507-9879 or send us a message through our portal. You are welcome to stop by our office any time from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST.

Of course, if you have any questions that we didn’t include, give us a ring! In the meantime, make sure you’ve followed us on LinkedIn.